4 Disciplines – The Tao of Body Change

Getting to your ideal weight/body shape takes practice of 4 simple disciplines:

1. Schedule and do your workouts (seriously, write them in your diary)
2. Do something daily to move towards your goals (at DF we call this your daily habit)
3. Plan, shop and prepare fat loss appropriate meals (made from things you’re likely to eat)
4. Learn how to cope with eating out and on the go

All the rest is just detail. Even with a mediocre exercise and nutrition plan most people would make significant progress applying these 4 disciplines.

But it takes being an adult about this; taking responsibility.  This is the way of the Diligent Fitness warrior/warrior-ess. But as business philosopher Jim Rohn once said:

“Most people spend more time planning a two week vacation than they do planning their life” (he was American BTW).

Check out the notes below for a few tips on each:

 DF Discipline 1: Schedule and do your workouts

  • Put workout appointments in your diary/iPhone
  • Short, regular workouts (20-30 minutes) are  better than long but sporadic workouts
  • Combine lifting heavy weights and exercises that get your heart rate up for best results

 DF Discipline 2: Do something daily

  • You’ve already got habits. Question is, are they the right ones for your goals?
  • Practice developing habits that support your goal: something you start doing consciously but eventually do automatically.
  • Focus on doing instead of NOT doing (crowd out bad habits by practicing good habits)
  • Make it easy so getting started and keeping going isn’t a chore. If it’s hard you’ll put it off and stop doing it when the going gets tough (which it will).

DF Discipline 3: Plan, shop and prepare fat loss appropriate meals

  • Plan 4 days of meals that’ll move you closer to your goals
  • Use your meal plan to create a shopping list
  • Go shopping and buy (only) what’s on the list
  • If you’re pressed for time have someone else pick, pack and deliver your food shopping for you (AKA online shopping)

 DF Discipline 4: Learn how to cope with eating out and on the go

  • Take responsibility for what, when and how much you eat.
  • If you know you make bad choices when you’re hungry, eat a compliant meal before you go
  • If eating at a friends/family take food with you (offer to make the starter/main course/dessert)
  • Decide in advance what you will and won’t do (I’ll stick to one glass of wine… I’ll have a salad with my main course and espresso while others who aren’t trying to lose weight have dessert)
  • Practice saying ‘no thank you’. Trust me, you’ll need it