Last week I posted about my personal struggles with fitting exercise in, and about how exercise doesn’t have to be all or nothing. But I realised, it was a bit of a tease to share an idea without any practical application.

So in today’s post I’d like to share a whole week of 5 minute workouts.

Most can be done at home if you’re stuck with the kids, or in a hotel room if you’re travelling with work.

Or if you’re struggling with a temporary lapse in time/motivation (like I was) then the shortness makes getting started that little bit easier. Whether it has been 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years!

Workout 1: Squats & Push Ups

Complete 10 squats, then 10 push ups. repeat this cycle 5 times with minimal rest.



Push Up

To make more challenging: Switch to jump squats – squat down then  jump up each rep (if, like me, you’re no spring chicken maybe do a few normal sets of squats to warm up first)

Workout 2: 5 minute run

To make more challenging: Find a hill and go for 5x 20 sec hill sprints with 40 secs recovery between (just walk back down the hill during the 40 secs rest). Again, I’d recommend warming up with a few gentler reps first.

Workout 3: Forward Lunges & Burpees

Complete 10 reps of alternate Lunges then complete 10 burpees. Continue alternating for 5 rounds in total

Forward Lunge




To make more challenging: Really? maybe give it a try first 😉

Workout 4: Skip

30 secs on: 30 secs rest

To make more challenging: 30 secs slow skip (two feet together) : 30 secs fast (high knee sprint).

Workout 5: Side Lunges & Mountain Climbers

Complete 10 side lunges in total (alternating sides) then drop down to complete 30 mountain climbers (each leg coming in counts as one rep… I’m not a monster!). Go back to side lunges and repeat the cycle  5 times.

Side Lunge


Mountain Climber


To make more challenging: Let’s just say your legs would never forgive me if I made any suggestions here 🙂

Workout 6: High Knees (sprint on the spot) & Push Up with Opposite Shoulder Tap

High Knees

complete 30 secs of sprinting on the spot, staying up on toes bringing your knees up each rep. Get into the push up position and complete 10 push ups. At the top of each rep lift one arm off the floor top top the opposite shoulder, then back into the push up.

Set 1: 30 secs sprint on spot : 10 push ups with shoulder tap

Set 2: 30 secs sprint on spot : 8 push ups with shoulder tap

set 3: 30 secs sprint on spot : 6 push ups with shoulder tap

set 4: 30 secs sprint on spot : 4 push ups with shoulder tap

set 5: 30 secs sprint on spot : 2 push ups with shoulder tap

Push Up with Opposite Shoulder Tap


To make more challenging: once you get down to 5th set (2 push ups) work back up the sequence (set 6: x4 push ups set 7: x6 push ups, set 8: x8 push ups set 9: x10 push ups). 60 push ups in total so v. tough on the arms and abdominals.

Workout 7: Reverse Lunges & Star Jumps

Complete 10 reverse lunges in total, alternating legs. Then switch to star jumps for 20 reps. Repeat the cycle 5 times.

Reverse Lunge


Star Jump



To make more challenging: Progress to alternate jump lunges: step back and lunge down. But rather than stepping forward again jump up and switch stance mid air. Land, drop down into the lunge on the other side then jump and switch stance again . Seriously, it’s less complicated than I’ve made it sound.


We don’t always need a great deal of time or space to exercise. If you need something to get you back into it, or would like something to supplement your existing routine, maybe give one of the 5 minute workouts a go.

The idea is less about following the perfect workout (that’s what the diligent personal training programmes are about). It’s perhaps more about focusing on what we can do, given our circumstances right now. So feel free to modify to suit 🙂