7 Things I’d Like to Happen By The End of 2013

Walking down Town Street Horsforth at the end of last year I saw a client I’d worked with on his way to the bar.

His response to my asking how he was left me feeling pretty inspired. He told me that 2012 had been a phenomenal year for him and his business.

That got me thinking. While I achieved some things I’m proud of in 2012 I want to be sure that at the end of the year I can say that 2013 had been a phenomenal year for me.

Then I realised… If I wanted it to be a phenomenal year, I’d probably need to identify what would have to happen for me to put it in that league.

So, here’s 7 of the things I came up with that would put 2013 in the ‘phenomenal’ bracket:


1. Stayed current with what’s going on with my Mum, Dad, 3 brothers and little sisters’ lives (they all live down south and I haven’t made enough of an effort to stay in touch since I moved to Leeds 2003ish)


2. Saved at least £2’400 towards a mortgage deposit

Personal Development

3. Became more proficient at helping people get out of pain

4. Improved my public speaking and presentation skills (by joining Toastmasters and having several more speaking events under my belt).

I want to share my experience with more of this!


5. Competed in my first athletics event (400m/200mtr) since my school days. (Thanks Team GB and London 2012 Olympics for inspiring me on this one).

Better get to work on my celebratory pose


6. Experienced a couple of city breaks; Rome and Amsterdam perhaps

Seeing this in Mission Impossible 3 just didn’t cut it



7. Hit the financial and operational performance targets I’ve set for the Diligent Fitness studio.

How about you?

Imagine you’re on the way out to celebrate 2013. What 7 things would make you class 2013 as a phenomenal year?