So, you want some more info on the 45 minute Fat Loss Circuit. Basically it’s at at Trinity Fitness in Horsforth. And we run it every Wednesday and Friday 08:00 to 08:45am.

The circuit’s designed to crank up your metabolism, spend a load of calories and make training for fat loss more fun (and effective!) than going solo on a treadmill.

fat loss circuit

Some of our regulars!


If you’ve got a voucher then bring it along and you get to come for free.  Otherwise it’s £5 a go. To book call Trinity on 01132 837 155 and ask to book in for the 45 minute Fat Loss Circuit. Alternatively if you already use the gym you could book in at reception next time you’re in. We want to keep the group manageable, which means there are only 15 spaces each week. So if you’re thinking of coming along it’s probably best to book sooner rather than later. A few questions you might have:

Do I Have to Commit to Coming Every Week?
You can come and try the Fat Loss Ciruit for a few weeks on a pay-as-you-go basis to see if it’s for you and then we ask you to commit to coming either once or twice a week.

Can I Bring a Friend?
Of course, they’re more than welcome. They still need to book by calling Trinity Fitness (01132 837 155).

What Kind of Exercises Are in the Circuit?
We’ll be working the kettlebells, TRX, bodyweight exercises and more. Here’s a 30 second video from the session:

Will I Be Fit Enough?
I’ve designed the circuit so it’s customizable to any fitness level (each station has the option of level 1 – beginner, level 2 – intermediate, or level 3 – advanced). Plus, we’ve got variations on all the exercises so if you find any of them too challenging (or not challenging enough!) we’ll show you an alternative. Sure it’s group training, but we’ll still make it personal to you and your fitness level 😉

After years of working with clients with knee pain, back pain, neck pain etc you get pretty creative at finding exercises that people can do without pain while they get sorted. So the circuit is pretty low impact. If you find running a problem then great – you’ll fit right in!
If you’ve got any questions shoot me an email , otherwise if you’re up for a challenge I look forward to seeing you there!


Ps. The Trinity Fitness team are managing bookings for the circuit, so just give them a call on 01132 837 155 or book in next time you’re in.