DIY Workbook + Free Chapters12in12 DIY Workbook

Follow the plan and lose around 12lbs in 12 weeks. Simple.

The 12in12 DIY workbook is the same results guaranteed programme we use with our coaching clients. Except you’ve got the freedom to work through it at your own pace. It’s a downloadable workbook, which means you can print it out and get started on the first fat loss habit right away.

12in12 DIY Workbook: £87.80 £27

It’s ideal if you want a proven step by step plan, without working directly with a 12in12 coach. It’s the next best thing, and gives you a chance to follow our programme at a fraction of the cost of what others have paid for the same expert guidance.

It works best for people who are self motivated, have some experience in the gym and just want a plan to tell them what to do and how to do it.

12in12 DIY Workbook includes:

1. 12in12 Metabolism Boosting Exercise Programme (worth £39)

The three stage 12 week exercise programme that’s tried and tested for fat loss, toning and shaping. Not sure what you should be doing in the gym? The programme includes pictures of how to do every single exercise on a printable workout log for you to take with you.

2. Assessment Guide (worth £4.90)

The 12in12 assessment guide shows you how to measure and track your progress, so you can see how your body’s changing over the weeks.

3. Kitchen Makeover & Superfood Guide (worth £4.90)

We’ve found that good bodies are made in the kitchen. Find out exactly what you need in your kitchen to make the next 12 weeks a breeze.

4. 12in12 Diet Guide (worth £39)

The step by step easy to follow action plan to get you looking and feeling great.

sample DIY workbook pages

12in12 DIY Workbook: £87.80 £27

If you struggle with motivation, or want a more personalised plan, take a look at the 12in12 ‘Full Works’ Programme

* The 12in12 DIY workbook is a downloadable manual. No physical products will be shipped