Areas Worked: Obliques and a whole lot more!

The side plank’s good for firming up those love handles – so if you’d like a firmer waist give this one a shot. Done properly it’s good for preventing back pain too!

Set Up: Begin lying on your side, propped up on your forearm, legs stacked one on top of the other, arm reaching to the ceiling.

Execution: Lift your hips up off the floor so your body makes a straight line from head to toe.

Coaching Points:

  1. Keep your supporting elbow directly below your shoulders
  2. Brace your stomach and squeeze your backside
  3. Don’t let your hips sag back down to the floor

Repeat how many times? (sets and reps):

  • Begin with a 30 second hold, building up to 60 seconds over a few weeks.
  • Once you’ve built up to one set of 60 seconds try one of the progressions below

Sample Progressions:

Once you’ve mastered a 60 second hold try one of the following:

  1.     Hold a kettlebell in the arm that’s reaching to the ceiling
  2.     Lift the top leg slowly up and down
  3.     Transition from the side plank into a plank then up to the other side with no rest between