Most of us have a good idea what we should and shouldn’t be eating if we want to lose weight. Problem is, knowing and doing are two completely different things, right?

So, in today’s post I want to give you a simple strategy that makes it easier to avoid eating too much of the stuff that won’t help you lose fat without feeling deprived.

But first, what about those who manage to never gain any fat. Are they superheroes with fearsome metabolisms? Are they immune to moments of weakness? Do they never suffer dips in motivation right around the time biscuit tin gets passed round? I don’t know. But what I do know is what works to keep me on the straight and narrow (and despite popular belief I’m certainly no superhero – just super organised).

One thing that helps me navigate through a day’s temptations is focusing on putting so much good stuff in my face that by the time I’m done eating it all there’s not much room (or desire) for anything else. So, thanks mum for always saying ‘you can only have dessert when you’ve finished your dinner’. Apparently that stuck (even though I’d never admit that to her).

My packed lunch(es) for the day

Supershake: with banana, spinach and vanilla protein powder

Roast partridge with leftover butternut squash, blanched veggie mix and 2x mini pita breads

Home-made Aberdeen Angus meatballs with large rainbow salad and 2x mini pita breads

Mixed Nuts with black grapes

In the morning I pull out a load of fat-loss approved foods from the fridge and set myself a target to get it all eaten by the end of the day. And only then have I earned the right to snack on whatever I like. Thing is, by that point what “I like” happens to be nothing.

So my recommendation; If you want to get lean without feeling deprived; don’t rely on willpower. Focus on adding all the things in to your diet that are missing – and have a food plan for the day so you don’t have to think. When your choices are limited to “hmmm, should I have salad and homemade meatballs or butternut squash, veggies and roast partridge?” There’s no way you’re not going to be moving closer to your goals.

Will the ‘put more good stuff in your face’ diet work for you? Give it a try. You don’t have to go about it my way. Just pick one thing you know you should be doing more of and go after it – every day.

Some clients make a breakfast smoothie the night before to make it easy to have breakfast. Some (like me) pack all their meals for the day at breakfast time to make sure they eat good food through the day. Some simply avoid buying the trigger foods they know they always binge on.

What are the situations where you always seem to make bad choices? And what one small improvement could you make today to make your diet a little better for fat loss?

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