In Part 1 I Explained the Role Imagination Played in Achieving One of My Major Goals

Except imagination wasn’t enough. When I was trying to set up the Diligent personal training studio, even though I had a clear picture of what I wanted, I still got knocked back every step of the way.

  • I was turned down by several landlords (I’d never taken on a lease before)
  • I was out bid on several  properties I really wanted
  • I was refused credit from pretty much every bank I visited.

Two years seemed a long time to be soldiering on. Especially when there was no guarantee that what I was doing would get me what I wanted.

At several points over that 2 year period I felt like giving up. If I wasn’t careful I started to blame circumstances for my lack of progress. Maybe it was the economy. Maybe I was just too busy with other things. Maybe being a personal trainer in someone elses gym was good enough. And the most self defeating thought of all; Maybe I was just meant to be stuck at my current level.

But one thing kept me going…


The belief I had in myself (along with saint like patience and support from Lyz) led me to the next step in moving from where I was to where I wanted to be. It allowed me to persevere despite taking several knocks along the way. And looking back there was 2 simple ways I strengthened the belief that I could achieve my goal:

1. Reviewing my past successes

Any time I started doubting myself I looked back on what I’d already achieved in my life that I was proud of (like achieving my own personal physique goals and doing meaningful work that I felt made a positive difference in peoples’ lives).

2. Studying the stories of people who’d already achieved what I wanted to achieve;

I looked to those who’d already set up successful personal training studios. Reading their stories, seeing them in action and learning how they did it proved to me that it could be done. And I felt that if they could do it, so could I.

The Lesson I Learned

Faith in our ability to achieve our goal acts as a huge driver to keep us motivated. If we don’t have faith, if we don’t believe we can, then we never put in the effort required. And we’ll never stick with it long enough to make our goals a reality.

So to make success more likely we need ways to boost our belief. I found it helpful to look back over past successes. To review the things I’d achieved that I was proud of so far.

I also found studying testimonials of other people who’ve achieved what I was wanting to do inspiring. Learning about others success helped re-kindle my drive to keep working towards my goal.