Next time you’re in the supermarket go ahead and take a look at a few trolleys. See what kinda food’s in there. Then take a look at the owner (just think of it as reality TV). I’ll bet you notice people with the best looking trolleys (the ones with the most colourful contents) look pretty darn good, right?

So, if we’re talking about setting you up for fat loss success, you’re going to need to know How to Food Shop For Fat Loss.

Set Up Your Environment

To eat the right foods, you first need the right stuff at home. So, before we talk too much about what, when and how much to eat for fat loss, I want you to understand one of THE most important laws in nutrition. Once you get a grip of this you’ll have no problems dropping excess fat.

It’s a simple law, and goes like this:

“If I buy it, I eat it!”

The rule works both ways; for foods that will help you lose fat, and foods that won’t.  So the next time you go shopping stay focused on getting the good stuff in your trolley, and leaving the bad stuff on the shelves. Nuff said.

The List

In an ideal world I’d recommend you plan a few days worth of good meals in advance. But in case you’re not feeling that right now, let me give you the quick start guide to food shopping for fat loss. Remember, you’re not just food shopping anymore. You’ve got a goal in mind; to put things in your trolley that’ll help you lose fat… and leave behind the things that won’t.

You can print the list and take it with you. Or if you fancy easing into this new way of doing things just add one new item from each category that you wouldn’t normally buy:

Food Type


Lean Meat chicken, lean mince, lean steak
Fish salmon (wild salmon is best)
Eggs omega 3/free range are best
Dairy cottage cheese, plain yogurt
Veg (5 varieties) spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage
Fruit (4 varieties) mixed berries, oranges, apples and bananas
Carbohydrates whole oats, quinoa, brown rice, mixed beans
Fats Avocado, mixed nuts, extra virgin olive oil, flax seeds, flax seed oil

The list isn’t supposed to be all you buy. Just think of it as the minimum. Based on the 5 Nutrition Keys to Lose Fat you’ll notice it covers all the basics.

In fact, if you made a point of eating each of the foods every day I can imagine there wouldn’t be much room for anything else!

The Pathway

Bear in mind the supermarket is set up to make you buy! buy! buy! £Millions gets spent on food packaging and displays. As a general rule of thumb, if a food is advertised at you, chances are it won’t help you lose fat.

You’ll notice most of the stuff we’re adding to your list doesn’t have a list of ingredients. I used to recommend reading food labels before you buy.  Then I realised 90% of the food you need to eat for fat loss won’t have a label.

Try sticking to the outsides of the supermarket. It’s where you’ll find all the foods you need. And only occasionally dip into the middle isles. This is where all the foes of fat loss lurk. And if you’re anything like me you’ll find it hard to resist once you’re in the aisle. So steer clear. Maybe sacrifice a small child into the danger zone to pick up the store cupboard items (oats, mixed beans, mixed nuts etc).


Who would of thought losing fat meant revising how you shop? But hey, now you know.

So, for your next food shop:

1. Make a list (include one or more of the foods above that you wouldn’t normally buy)

2. Stick to the outside and away from the aisles

3. Get the foods that’ll help you lose fat in your trolley

4. Leave the foods that’ll stop you losing fat on the shelves

Now go forth and shop!