I Exercise Regularly, But I’d Like to See More Noticeable Results. What Can I Do About It?

Nutrition’s a funny thing. Most of us feel like we eat healthily, albeit from the occasional blip at the weekend. We know what to do and yet sometimes it’s a struggle to do it consistently. And even when we follow what we believe to be a healthy diet, sometimes we don’t see the results we’d expect from the effort invested.

“Is your current way of eating leading you closer to your goal?”

If your answer is yes then you don’t need to read any more. You don’t need help with this. If however you ‘eat healthily’ but still aren’t moving closer to looking and feeling the way you want as fast as you’d like then the 12in12 nutrition course could be for you.

If you like your food, and detest the idea of being deprived on a diet then you’re just like me and 90% of the clients I’ve worked with. You’ve probably found that deprivation always leads to some kind of rebellion and rebound eating.

So instead, our approach focuses ON DOING, rather than not doing. Make sense? Everything you’ll be asked to do revolves around ADDING something instead of cutting things out.

The programme builds new daily habits into your routine, using all the ‘secrets’ of fat loss nutrition I’ve learned over the years. But this isn’t just academic knowledge. They’re the same principles I’ve used with clients to help implement the new habits and change their bodies for good.

Now, you can find all that information you’ll ever need to get in shape out there on the web. In fact, the 12in12 DIY Workbook gives you pretty much everything you need to know to lose fat for good. Even well meaning friends and family are all to willing to tell us the best way to get in shape. Problem is, alot of the time we get given conflicting advice. So, when it comes down to it what really works?

What Really Works

Unfortunately when it comes to fat loss it doesn’t matter how good you, me or anyone else thinks a diet is. Even if it looks like the best diet in the world on paper. If it isn’t delivering the results you want then it’s not quite the right right way of eating for your goals just yet. And if you’re not able to eat that way at least 6 out of 7 days each week then it’s unlikely to make noticeable differences you can see.

Miracle cures aside, there are 3 things that – when done correctly – have the biggest impact on your progress, and how quickly you reach your fat loss goal.

1) Your nutrition habits
2) Your exercise habits
3) What supplements you take

And even if you ‘know’ what you should be doing, if you’ve read this far I’m guessing it either hasn’t worked for you or you haven’t put it all in to practice yet.

So, the biggest thing missing from the three above? mentorship and guidance.

See, you can ‘know’ what you should do, but without the focus, accountability and support it’s REALLY hard to change habits. That’s where the 12in12 nutrition course comes in.

So how does it work?

Sure you’ll learn exactly what to do and how to put it into practice. But the best part? You get the guidance and support you need to make it happen.

You leave the ‘what to do’ to me and the course. All you need to do is read your lessons, complete your daily habit and do your workouts. That’s it. Leave the results to me and the course.

Because it’s not your typical diet plan or weight watchers’ style group let me explain what it is and how it works:

Daily Nutrition Habit

Unfortunately diet plans don’t work long term. We stick to them for a few weeks at best. And that just isn’t long enough to see significant changes. So the diet plan always results in a sense of failure. Reason: it’s too much at once. Trying to add in new things while cutting out all the things that can make life more enjoyable.

So in 12in12 we do things differently. Taking you through the process one small step at a time. You get a new daily habit to practice, you do it and then after two weeks we introduce a new habit. That way over the weeks you’ll build up a repertoire of new habits that’ll come naturally, without having to think about them. Lean, healthy eating will be automatic for you. Choosing and eating the foods that move you closer to your goal will become second nature, as easy as brushing your teeth.

Lessons and Action Tasks

Each week has a specific topic, usually related to your new habit. You’ll receive lessons that give you the what, why and how of everything you need to know to get results. For example, during protein week you’ll learn why it’s important to eat enough protein, how much you personally need to eat to lose fat, then you’ll go put that learning into action right away, with my help and support of course!

Daily Habit Tracking

Each day you answer yes or no to two simple questions.

1) Did you do your workout today?
2) Did you practice your daily habit?

For each habit you’ve got a tick chart to keep on your fridge at home or work. At the end of each day you get a tick mark if you’ve completed your habit. At the end of each week you get a request to reply with a weekly progress update. All you have to do is report back with:

1) Number of ticks for the week
2) Number of workouts for the week
3) Your current body weight
4) Whether or not you feel like you made progress that week

Mentorship and Support

I’ll be guiding you throughout the entire process. And best of all I know the process of getting lean inside out. I not only practice the same principles you’ll be learning every day. I’ve helped others just like you transform their bodies beyond what they thought possible.


Mike after 24 weeks of applying the same principles you’ll learn on 12in12

Delivered 100% Online

To make it doable for people with busy schedules the course is delivered online. That means no dragging yourself to meetings or missing out on lessons.  You get a link each day leading you to the private section of the 12in12 website. This is the hub of activity for the programme. You log in each day, get your nutrition habit, read the daily lesson and off you go.

What does it cost?

We’re talking over £5,000 spent on education, courses, mentorships and over 6 years experience in the making.

And to hire me personally to walk you through the first 12 weeks with weekly meetings would cost over £500.

But you don’t have to pay £500, or even a fraction of that.

The total cost of the 12in12 Fat Loss Nutrition Course? £89.

The course is broken into two 12 week phases. And your £89 covers the first 12 weeks. Once you’ve completed ‘level 1’ if you want to continue on for more results you can opt to go on to level 2. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

The money back guarantee

I truly believe that if you hire a nutrition coach, you do what your coach tells you to do you should get the results you want. Crazy, I know 🙂

But the fact is, you’ve probably been let down by someone over promising in the past. So, I want you to know that this nutrition course and the accompanying coaching will change your body. Done properly you’ve got the chance to get your body in the best shape it’s been in years. And if it doesn’t – it’s free.

Here’s how it works. If you…

1. Give me 12 weeks
2. Do what I recommend; workouts, nutrition habits etc at least 80% of the time

…you’ll be leaner, stronger, healthier than you thought you could be. If you’re not, I’ll write you a cheque to cover every penny you spent.

No questions asked.

What’s the catch?

Well, this is a big one. You actually have to do what I recommend. If you fail to participate, miss assignments and action tasks or don’t report back you don’t get your money back.

In short: Follow the course, do what’s suggested and you’ll see significant improvements. Guaranteed.

All the best!


How to Register

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The registration process itself is simple:

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2. Fill out all info on the checkout page. Address, billing info, etc.
3. I’ll be in touch with some more info on what to expect
4. Until then sit back, relax and know you’ve just taken the first step to getting in the best shape of your adult life