chris black personal trainer @ diligent fitnessThose of you who attend the fitness circuit on a Monday night will already have met Chris, but for those of you that haven’t and for those that don’t have enough energy to speak by the end of the circuit here’s a bit more about him…

Chris is originally from Northern Ireland (as you’ll no doubt have guessed from his accent) and has joined Diligent Fitness to supervise some of the evening circuits and semi-private training sessions.

As a qualified personal trainer (PT) he also works with the Castleford Tigers Rugby League team as a strength conditioning coach. He himself plays rugby and football and is a Liverpool supporter.

Outside of work, Chris wants to re-visit South Africa where he’s already been on safari and is passionate about Ancient History; in particular the Romans and Greek Mythology (he’ll now be my ‘phone a friend’ for The Times crossword). Perhaps not surprisingly his favourite film is Troy; also one of my favourites but perhaps for different reasons ;0)

I know you’re always intrigued about what these PT guys eat so I did ask the question ‘what’s your favourite meal’ …and I did double check his answer… poached egg, baked beans and tinned mackerel. And for breakfast he mostly eats eggs, beans, ham, yoghurt and nuts. So there you have it, protein, protein and more protein!!!

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