Getting the most from your workouts

Something that’s important to you making progress on your plan is how well eat before and after your workouts. And when it comes to fat loss, most of the magic happens in between your training sessions. What you do after your workouts makes a huge difference to how quickly you’ll reach your goals. So here’s an easy habit that’ll make your body respond to the exercises in the way we want:

New Habit: Eat within 10 minutes of your workout.

The first thing I want you to start doing is eating soon after exercise. Obviously there are better and worse choices, and we’ll get into that in a just a minute. But for now I just want you to arm yourself with someting to eat right after your workout (like as soon as you put down the weight from your last set).

What’s a good post workout snack?
While we could get into some advanced nutrition, at this stage I think you’ll get more out of something that you can start doing right away. Because something that works well and is easy to do is miles better than something that’s scientifically best… but never gets applied. So let’s go with something practical to start off.

The most practical snack is a piece of fruit. It’s quick, portable and best of all you’ve probably already got some in your kitchen. Don’t worry about which kind, just pick something you like and throw it in your gym back so you can eat it right after your workout.

What happens when you miss your snack?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that because you’ve exercised and burned a load of calories the last thing you’d want to do is put some back in. But experience tells us otherwise. One reason I want you to eat a pre planned snack after your workout is because it’ll stop you snacking on undesirables. You know, when your blood sugar plummets and all you’ve got to hand are biscuits, chocolate, crisps or bread. All of which suck at helping you lose fat.

So rather than leave your post exercise snack up to chance we’re going to pre-load the decision. So from today on I want you to bring a piece of fruit with you every time you come to the gym and eat it right after your workout (within 10 minutes of finishing).

This will keep you ticking over until you’ve prepared your next meal and prevent you snacking on the undesirables mentioned above.


Eating a piece of fruit within 10 minutes of your workouts will prevent you over eating the wrong things later on. Pick any fruit you like, just make sure you’ve got something to eat straight after training.