Wanted to invite you to a talk I’m giving on ‘how to lose unwanted body fat without dieting’ at Purely Natural in Horsforth (this Thursday, 6th Oct at 6pm).

If you ever say “I know what I need to do”… but struggle to actually do it then this might just give you a nudge in the right direction.

Equally, if you’re stuck as to what to change to make your diet work for fat loss then the stuff we’ll cover will make it clear what you need to do and where to start.

We’re going to break the seemly hard task of tackling  nutrition down to some manageable steps you can take as soon as you get home that evening.

During the talk we’ll cover:

  • THE 5 simple keys to fat loss nutrition
  • Example meals for fat loss
  • Supplements for fat loss
  • Why most people fail to lose fat long term, and what you can do to avoid being one of them!

Places are free, but are given on a first come first served basis (they’re pretty limited due to the ‘Bijou’ location). So, if you’re in I’d strongly advise booking to avoid missing out.

To book, just call Dominic or Amanda at Purely Natural health food store on  0113 258 0283

Would be good to see you there!



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