Author: Lyz Cordon

I’m not the World’s biggest veggie fan so when one week the nutrition habit on the Fat Loss Nutrition Course was eat more veggies my heart sank. In the beginning I had to find creative ways to up my intake without piling my plate up with broccoli and cauliflower – I really don’t like them! So here the strategies I used to get 5-6 portions of veggies in each day without really noticing and actually enjoying them!

Hide them

This probably sounds obvious but it really worked for me and it’s still a tactic I use to this day. When you’re objective is to cram as many veggies into each meal as you can it’s amazing what you can come up with! If I’m making bolognaise I’ll chop up courgettes and carrots into small pieces and include those with the more usual peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes. The most successful recipe I use is ratatouille; red and yellow peppers, onions, aubergine, courgette, olives and tomatoes with spinach at the end. Not only does this pack a veggie punch but if you whizz up any leftovers in your food processor it makes a delicious pasta sauce for the next day.

veggie soup + chicken

Butternut squash & sweet potato soup + chicken thighs on the side


Technically this could also fall under the ‘hide them’ headline but deserves a section of its own. My favourite soup to make is butternut squash & sweet potato it’s very easy and a beautiful colour – I also sneak in the odd carrot, red pepper or parsnip if they’re in season. Steam some corn on the cob and sprinkle the kernels over the top for extra bonus points. Basically if you blend the soup you can hide a multitude of veggies in there and no-one will ever know.

Add butter

Controversial I know but a small knob of butter really does help the greens go down.

Eat greens, with strong flavours

Greens are where I really struggle and they don’t really seem to lend themselves to being hidden in things either so I had to be a bit more inventive here. I’ve found that serving greens veggies with sausages (occasionally of course!), steak (if you’re feeling flush) or a chilli makes them tolerable… and sometimes even enjoyable. This is also a great tactic for when you’ve avoiding starchy carbs because you haven’t exercised – for example this evening I’m having chilli, with extra hidden veggies, plus broccoli and runner beans on the side.

veggie box

Abel & Cole veggie box

Get a veggie box delivered

I find that I pick up the same veggies every week so to make me try a wider variety I signed up for a veggie box scheme. I use Abel and Cole but there are many available now – not only do I get a great selection of veggies delivered to my door every Thursday but they’re organic and seasonal too. Bonus.

Juice them

My veggie box quite often contains a large bag of spinach and there’s only so much that a girl can eat as salad (I don’t like it cooked). So I’ve got a veggie juicer and that’s how I use it up. I juice a carrot, large handful of spinach, an apple, a chunk of ginger and quite often a raw beetroot too. Delicious. Sometimes I blend it with half an avocado and some cashew nuts to make a veggie smoothie if I need something more substantial.


Raw veggies (or crudités for the initiated) are an excellent snack food, quick to prepare, cheap and easy to transport… but they can be dull. I find a tasty dip can bring veggies alive and my dip of choice is hummous. I make my own because shop bought can have hidden nasties in and a sneaky trick is to make up half a can of chickpeas and freeze the other half until you want to make another batch. My staples include; blanched broccoli, cherry tomatoes and cashew nuts or carrot and cucumber sticks with hummous. Olives also count towards your veggie intake so I often choose a dish of olives for my starter when I’m out.