In one of my favourite books on behaviour change (Switch, by Chip & Dan Heath) the authors discuss finding the bright spots; Seeking out people who are in a similar situation to you, who have achieved what you’re looking to achieve.

So, in terms of changing body shape, losing weight or toning up I’ve got 7 top tips from 3 star pupils who did exceptionally well during the recent 30 day  fat loss challenge we ran. Enjoy!


I think steady accountability and the chance to talk through your eating habits with someone helps you identify and really focus on your areas of weakness.



Having a hectic work schedule and no routine was my main hurdle. I think for me it’s all about being organised.  If I have the right food to hand, then I can do it easily and I enjoy eating well.  

I need to make sure I always have the right things in the fridge or in my desk drawer for snacks, so that I can make good choices.

I’ve been amazed by how little I’ve actually had to change. 2-3 times per week of decent exercise, and eating the right things – rather than eating less

I have more energy and am definitely healthier and more toned as a result. It has worked wonders and I am well and truly converted!


My main incentive was to tone up. Although I had a good idea of what I needed to eat I needed someone to give me with clear concise instructions of what would work and more importantly why it worked. It was the direction I needed on what, when and how much I could eat.

The biggest challenge was keeping meals varied. You need plenty of ideas for meals, as well as ideas for little snacks on an evening for when you get the munchies.

Lyz gave me some good suggestions which is what I needed. It took the hassle of having to think about what I need. I was surprised on how much I could eat throughout the day, as long it was the right foods.

I have lost some weight which has made me look more toned which is the result I was looking for. Although I still have a little more work to do for my toned goal.

It wasn’t that hard. It is all about being prepared and having the mindset to do it. With the help of Lyz assisting with ideas of what to eat, and informing Kieran of how you want to change your body you can achieve it.


I am bossy and I think I know everything, but sometimes you just have to listen to advice from others who have more knowledge.

As you get older you become less inspirational about food and tend to develop a routine of making the same old recipe’s you know. I needed a bit of a jolt. I thought I was eating plenty of the right stuff, but needed some help to cut out the foods which had no value in keeping my body fit.


I had exercised for years with reasonable results. Not for weight loss, but to keep fit enough to carry on my hobby and lifestyle.

Getting the right advice with exercise made all the difference to my mobility. So I thought advice with my diet could not be a bad thing and worth a try. The most helpful thing was that Lyz gave me easy rules to follow.

I struggle with setting time aside to plan meals. Now I just have a few quick and easy dishes which can be thrown together. And I always have the ingredients in the house for those meals or snacks.

I’m most happy with the fact that I am never hungry if I follow the rules. And I’ve lost weight without trying.

Summary of the Top 7 Tips for Fat Loss Success

1. Talk through your eating habits to help you identify and focus on areas of weakness

2. Set simple rules on what, when and how much to eat

3. Have plenty of meal and snack ideas that are inline with ‘the rules’

4. Have a few quick and easy dishes you can throw together in no time

5. Get organised. Have the right food on hand (in your fridge and your desk at work)

6. Eat the right things, rather than eating less and you won’t feel hungry

7. Stay accountable by checking in with someone on a regular basis