Alison: lost 12lbs and 4.3% body fat

a-flemmingWhen Kieran asked for volunteers to try his “lose 12lbs in 12 weeks” programme, I jumped at the chance to be a “guinea pig”. I had been gradually putting on weight over the last few decades which was becoming harder to lose. My cholesterol was high and I was feeling fatter, more uncomfortable and generally unfit. This was the start to a new lifestyle.

The help and support Kieran gave me was invaluable, with advice on changes that I could make to my diet. This was done in gradual steps that were not “too much too soon”. The two weekly recording sheets for meals were really helpful in that I could see how I was mainly eating what was recommended. Having some personal training sessions at the beginning gave me the confidence to use the equipment in the gym and to know what sort of exercises were most appropriate for me.

I lost 12lbs in spite of going on holiday and all the other things that crop up that mean you are not always able to plan what you might ideally eat. There were times where I ate some unhealthy foods, but I just started again the next day!

The meetings with Kieran were really motivating because the reductions in body fat were measured (the things that you don’t notice for yourself always). This and refining the meal recommendations helped me to stay focussed.

People started to notice that I was looking slimmer, I felt much more energetic and fitter and at last clothes that were far too tight were becoming loose on me. My new clothes are now a size 12 (I was about to start buying size 16 before this). The digestive improvements were a welcome surprise (less bloating and heartburn!)

I am continuing to follow the new food choices and exercising, feeling confident that I will be able to lose a few more pounds to reach my goal of losing one and a half stone in total.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Kieran’s approach to fitness and weight loss to others.