Deirdre, 46: lost 22lbs and dropped two dress sizes

Deirdre came to work with us after rupturing her achilles tendon. Here’s what she had to say when I asked her to share her story:

What was your goal?

To lose the weight I’d put on from my injury – around 1.5 st. My clothes size had shot from a 12 to a 16 – gradually at first. But when I saw myself in photos I was so disappointed. I’d become a 40 something ‘mum’ who’d just given up. I’d stopped truly caring about what I looked like. While I fancied that it was healthy to think like that – really I was just avoiding the issue. When I’d had enough I called Kieran.

What did the sessions involve?

The initial meeting was helpful – especially about my diet. [Kieran] came to my house to look in my kitchen cupboards and studied my food diary. The best and easiest piece of advice was to stop drinking orange juice in the morning and fruit juices with dinner!

[The] exercise sets were simple and very effective. I’ve never been one for the gym – always found it boring – but because the sets were so varied, and I shared the time with other clients, I felt less inhibited and the time flew by.

(Editors note: Deirdre’s referring to the semi-private training sessions we run, where there’s one trainer working with 2 to 4 clients in a session)

What kind of results did you see?

Over the first 3 months I steadily lost 8lbs. Then I really started to focus on my eating habits and increased my protein intake as [Kieran] recommended and I have now lost another 14lbs. [I also have…] much more energy – I carry myself with more confidence, and I spend more time on my appearance.

How are things looking for the future?

I’m happy with my weight and shape now. I want to keep on getting varied exercise routines from Kieran and enjoying working out. It has become somewhat enjoyable!

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