I lost 22lbs and 5% bodyfat















Like many people for a number of years I paid my gym membership and went through the motions without getting any results. At the end of March this year I decided I needed to do something about both my lack of fitness and being overweight… I found Kieran and liked the answers he gave to all the questions I asked. I signed up for his 12 week plan; which aims to help you lose 12 pounds in 12 weeks.

The first few training sessions were especially hard but Kieran has a very supportive way of encouraging you. He pushes you but you don’t always realise it at the time.

Jonathan on the TRX


The nutritional advice was an essential part of the program and accelerated the results. At the end of the 12 weeks, I had lost 22 pounds and felt a lot fitter than I had in years.

The results that Kieran has helped me achieve are far better than I ever expected to achieve at the outset. With a 29 pound loss to date, the results haven’t finished.

[editor’s note: for the record, at the most recent check up Jonathan’s total weight loss to date was a staggering 39.6 lbs!]

Jonathan working the ropes at Diligent Fitness

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