LOST 17.6LBS and 2.5% BODY FAT


I wanted to get back into living an active lifestyle & get fit for life.  I had always enjoyed exercise but it had become something I saw as a luxury as opposed to a necessity.  Having 3 children, time to do something for myself seemed to dissipate.

It seemed as though I woke up one morning & overnight I’d become fat!  Obviously I didn’t.  I’d forged a number of bad habits over a period of time resulting in what I finally noticed one day.  I didn’t like it.  You know how it goes, not enough time, always rushing around, everyone demanding something from you.  Eating on the run or having the odd takeaway far too often.  I felt heavy, uncomfortable and annoyed for not taking care of myself.

So I got busy.  I started working with a personal trainer for a while, got out on my bike, went swimming, started kickboxing and then joined the gym at Trinity. But none of it was making the difference I was looking for.  It didn’t seem to matter how hard I worked or how often I exercised.  I was stuck with an appearance that I wasn’t happy with.

The hardest thing for me was asking for help.  I’m a stubborn little madam and always want to do everything myself. But one day in the gym, feeling fed up & defeated, I asked Kieran if I could make an appointment to see him. I decided I needed some help to achieve my goals and he was someone that could give me that help.



During the first meeting we discussed my goals and the usual weight & measurements were taken and recorded. It was official – I was fat!  Never before in my life had I been overweight but there it was in black & white. So, in addition to the training I signed up to do the 12in12 nutrition course, as it was obvious from my activity list that exercise alone wasn’t working.

A few weeks into my new programme I ruptured a disc in my lower back (not at the gym!). I was admitted to hospital & it was decided I needed surgery.  I had suffered with a bad back for many years.  The main problem being a bulging disc along with muscle spasms & trapped nerves.

All the time I was waiting for my op & during my recovery, I continued with the nutrition side of the 12in12 programme;  reading the lessons and following the nutrition plan. And after many long, slow painful months I was finally ready to return to physical activity – just as Kieran opened his own place (the Diligent Fitness Studio in Rodley).

We took some new body measurements and I was amazed how much progress I had made without doing a single workout!  Just changing my eating habits had helped me to lose weight/fat.  I had gone from 65Kg to 59Kg.

Kieran put a new workout together for me, fully aware of my limitations. Taking fairy steps, we increased my workouts.  I’ve never felt over worked (as with previous personal trainer) but always feel like I’m achieving.  I never worry that what I’m doing will damage my back.

My gym sessions change every 4 weeks so it’s never dull and its all thought out for me.  I just turn up and do what’s set out.



It’s now 10 months since my spinal surgery and I’m fitter and stronger than ever.  With Kieran’s help I’m achieving my goals. Kieran’s knowledge and carefully selected exercises has done nothing but strengthen my back and core.  Having him there to gently guide me through my workouts has been great.

The 12in12 nutrition course has been the best thing I’ve done to make the changes I wanted.  The lessons seem to hit the right topic at exactly the right time.  The biggest lesson for me was to slow down.  Make time to plan and follow it through.

Reporting back every week makes you accountable for what you’ve been up to!  The more honest you are (admitting to a night of beer & a curry!), the more you get out of it.

Kieran’s approach is gentle and encouraging, never aggressive or intimidating.  Nothing is ever done “wrong”, he just gently nudges you in the right direction.  If you’re willing & ready to be nudged in the right direction, you need Kieran!

I’m still “work in progress”.  My weight is currently 57Kg.  But I’m back on track and I feel good! Have I achieved my goals? Answer: a big fat YES.

For more info on the 12in12 programme check out the 12in12 page