“I’ve just packed for my holiday to Bali and for once feel good about myself”

I was feeling very down as my clothes were too tight and I seemed to be wearing the same couple of pairs of large trousers.  Also, I struggled getting up off the settee and I suppose having a sit down job didn’t help.

I certainly felt older than my 55 years.  When my weight went above 12st 7lbs, I was disappointed at letting myself go as I was now heavier than I had been when I was 9 months pregnant many years earlier.

“My 25th wedding anniversary was in 6 months’ time and we had booked a holiday to celebrate – so this was my incentive”

Hearing about Diligent Fitness and seeing the results achieved by my friend, I wondered whether this regime would work for me. I made a commitment to work out 3 times per week and making an ‘appointment’ encouraged me to turn up, even when I wasn’t in the mood.

When I first started at the gym Kieran was very patient and encouraging.  I had a set back early on following a fall when I bruised my ribs, but Kieran adjusted my programme so I could continue exercising.

“Making an appointment encouraged me to turn up even when I wasn’t in the mood”

Early on I didn’t envisage being fit enough to join in the group sessions. But I can now participate and feel comfortable if I opt to lift lighter weights than some of the other members.


“I can’t believe I have lost 17 inches of fat whilst still enjoying a good social calendar eating out a couple of times per week”


The nutrition advice from Lyz helped me to make the right choices and I haven’t felt deprived.  I have a lot more energy, my posture is much improved and I can feel my core!

I’ve just packed for my holiday to Bali and for once feel good about myself – all thanks to Kieran and Lyz.