MY GOALS… I started the 12in12 programme because although I had been using the gym for some time I was still struggling with my fat loss goals. I wanted to be fitter and leaner. My future plans require me to stay fit and healthy as I want to still be working outdoors for the next 30 years.

I considered myself to be eating pretty healthily and was keen to see if changes to my nutrition really could help me lose fat. I had no interest in ‘dieting’ or calorie counting as I believe that this feels like depriving the body, which is unsustainable. I wanted long term, sustainable change. Kieran explained that 12in12 is different as it focuses on adding to your nutrition, not subtracting.

MY PROGRAMME… involved a new ‘good habit’ every two weeks with a weekly checklist to record progress. Along with a few workouts each week these new habits built up, and by the end of the programme I had a whole new set of nutrition and lifestyle habits. The emails helped explain the basis for the new habits and provided daily motivation and support. And at the end of each week there was a progress report to complete.

Mike working 'the prowler' at Diligent Fitness


Adding new habits really worked for me. Psychologically it felt positive as opposed to a negative, guilt-based and subtractive diet. I looked forward to having a new challenge every two weeks. The support and monitoring from Kieran throughout was key to me achieving results. Even though I ‘knew’ of some of the good habits before the programme I had never consistently and progressively applied them in my life. Now I do.

MY RESULTS… On the surface it would appear that the main result I’ve achieved is the weight loss, while still maintaining my strength. I’ve far surpassed my initial fat loss goals. It feels great being leaner and I have more energy and better body confidence. However, the thing that I feel happiest with is that these new habits are part of my daily routine. So I know that I will be able to maintain a lean physique. It’s a sustainable long-term change.


“This is the reason why I go to the gym, so I can take a 10ft 30kg log for a ten minute walk through the woods without anything straining, breaking or falling off :)”

The nutrition programme in combination with Kieran’s personal training has made me fitter, leaner and stronger, which makes the outdoor activities that I do all the more enjoyable. Through the new habits I’ve developed as part of the 12in12 programme I am confident that I can maintain a healthy and lean body into the future. The results are the biggest encouragement and I’m still setting myself new goals; Maybe even a six pack…

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