Nina, 59: lost 11.2 lbs and 2.3 inches off the waist

n-dwyerWhen I first sat down with Nina to talk about getting in shape she’d just retired from her full time job. After spending most her life looking after others I got the impression she was ready to spend a little time focusing on her.

She told me the main goal was to tone up, and after I probed a little further she explained she’d like to feel good wearing short sleeved t-shirts and be confident in a swimsuit.

She voiced a few concerns about which exercises she didn’t like to do, and we established that the bike, running and cross training were all a no-go… to begin with. She explained that she felt everyone at the gym would be much fitter than her.

I reassured Nina that I would never make her do anything she wasn’t 100% comfortable with. I explained the personalised approach we take, and how our programmes focus more on resistance training and bodyweight exercises to get our clients results. We went through to the gym so Nina could try the kind of exercises we’d be working on and decide whether our approach was for her.

After our initial discussion she decided to go ahead. We took a few starting measurements so we could track Nina’s progress overtime. We also covered a few health checks like blood pressure, heart rate etc; just to make sure everything was in good working order. A few flexibility and exercise screens gave me all I needed to put together Nina an appropriate exercise plan.

We started off steady by practicing some basic exercises. As Nina’s fitness and strength improved over the weeks we progressed to more challenging routines.

I’ve no doubt that if I’d told Nina when we first met how fit she’d be she’d never of believed me. In fact, a couple of weeks back she let slip that she feels like she’s in the best shape of her life! She even enjoys coming to the gym for her workouts!

Oh, and about that wearing short sleeves tops goal. Check the photo of Nina at her son’s wedding. How about that for body confidence!