Sarah’s Success Story


Services used:

Personal Training, Fat Loss Nutrition Course, 45 minute Fat Loss Circuit

What was your goal?

My goal was to lose weight and feel more confident about myself. This was important as with three children and a business to run I felt I wasn’t looking or feeling my best. This was getting me down making me snappy and low about everything. I had tried exercising before aerobic, running, badminton but none had shifted my weight and didn’t keep me motivated. I even had a personal trainer come to my home but that didn’t work either. I began to feel as I approached forty that I would be a better happier person if I did something for myself that made me feel good – making a happier household all round.

What motivated you to get started?

I was coming out of a long term relationship, my kids were getting a little older and I didn’t want them to feel embarrassed with an overweight mum – plus I needed confidence.

I was chatting with a friend who had already started with Diligent Health. She looked fab and was full of confidence too. So I started by attending the first meeting with Kieran. The reason I chose to go ahead was because his approach was interesting, fun, made sense and worked for me right from the off. The approach he took was very different from the training I had done before. The motivation I got was fantastic mixed with a nutrition plan that straight away made me have more energy stopped me eating rubbish. I started to wake up not feeling groggy but full of energy.

What did your sessions involve?

The sessions were varied and fun but challenging for me. Kieran made it easier in the beginning but gradually changed the programmes so I was doing things I had never done before. I loved the challenge and it made me feel I was achieving something. The first exercise that springs to mind is the chin ups with the elastic band.

What are the main differences you’ve noticed?

My body shape has totally changed and I’ve dropped a dress size too. Other people notice and I receive compliments on my shape. I’ve lost weight and have more energy, am a lot less snappy with my boys and started having fun and feel good about myself.

I still feel I want to go a bit further to reach my ideal shape and weight. I am finding it easy to stick to the healthy eating plan which is good for my boys too. My health is also better; I’m not suffering from colds, flu and no tiredness. Life is good if not great. Thank you Kieran.