What’s 12in12 all about?

12in12 was built for that person wanting to lose fat, tone up and feel good. It’s my answer to fad diets, dusty gym memberships and expensive one-on-one personal training. It’s a hybrid of everything I’ve seen work for people who’ve successfully transformed their body.

The promise of 12lbs came from the average result of a client using my methods. It was also the average amount of weight that most clients want to lose; which is usually about a stone. It’s the bottled up version of my methods. And available in various forms. Work with a coach or DIY.

It’s the exercise plan, the nutrition plan, and if you choose, the motivation and the coaching to help you implement and stick to it.

How 12in12 came to be

When I thought about what made clients successful versus those that just go through the motions I found myself asking the question; what do all the successful clients have in common. I believed that in finding the answer to that question I’d find out what I needed to provide my clients to get more life changing results than any other option available to them.

That’s what the seven secrets of successful slimmer’s is all about really. It’s the basics a person needs in place to be successful for the long run. Sure you can get results other ways. In fact everything works… for the first six weeks. Any exercise. Any diet. But I’ve realised that to make things stick, to get a client looking and feeling great for a lifetime then new habits need to be made. Not just a plan to follow. But a new way of doing things. A new way of being. Because we all know more of the same equals more of the same. So the seven secrets identified what the 12in12 plan had to do:

  • Help clients find their ‘why’
  • Provide a solid plan of exercise and good nutrition
  • Provide a coach to help clients implement the plan and develop new habits
  • Provide a support network
  • Measure adherence to the plan
  • Measure results
  • Hold clients accountable

New Habits = New You

So yes 12in12 delivers on a result (12lbs of fat loss). But it’s designed to do much more than that. It’s designed to build new habits right into your daily routine. So after a couple of weeks you don’t even need to think about doing them. These new habits become your autopilot. And the good news is whatever you do on autopilot doesn’t tax your willpower. So you don’t feel deprived. You don’t feel like you’re missing out. Because you become the sort of person that thinks twice before mindlessly scoffing down a second piece of cake. The sort of person who priorities exercise in their daily routine.

Through years of trial and error I’ve discovered the only plan that’s going to work is one that’s easy. One you can do without fighting against all your old habits and behaviours at once. So along with some of the world’s experts (The CHEK Institute, the Precision Nutrition (PN) team and Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove) I’ve developed a system for transforming behaviours. And a funny thing happens when you start changing behaviours. Bodies transform too.

Where most people go wrong

So 12in12 is a product of basic observation:

  • Most people try to diet OR exercise to lose weight
  • Most people try and change their diet too much too soon
  • Most people stop the diet and put the weight back on

And regarding exercise…

  • A lot of people don’t like going to the gym on their own
  • Most people don’t know what to do when they get there

Left to their own devices most people find something more important to do. They talk them self out of their workout. So the first challenge was in getting people into the gym. They could’ve had the best exercise programme in the world. But if it got relegated to the bottom of their gym bag it may as well of been written by a two year old. So I realised that for our programmes to work we needed a method of getting people to the gym.

And so personal training was born. A way to work with someone who knows what they’re doing. Someone who makes you 100% more likely to show up to your gym appointments. Someone who gets you working effectively during your sessions. Doing the right things, the right way to reach your goal.

Problem is, one to one personal training can get expensive. Especially to work with a trainer for every workout. So the cost pretty much cuts out 97% of the population. Plus some people feel intimidated by having a trainer watching their uncoordinated body struggle through a series of exercises.

So we found most clients could only work with a trainer for one session a week. When asked how they’d got on with the workouts they had scheduled to do on their own it became apparent that the last time we met was the last time they’d made it to the gym. The excuses changed – always reasonable – but the fact still stood that they’d only done one of their three prescribed workouts for the week. And doing a third of anything doesn’t really change much.

Restructuring how we do it

Based on ideas from the industry’s best we started to rewrite the way we did personal training. We shifted to a semi-private model of training, where clients would book in groups of two to four rather than working with people on a one to one basis. Whereas clients only used to be able to afford to come in for one training session a week, for the same price now they could work with a trainer two to three times a week.

Everyone could get the time slot they wanted. I noticed people stuck to their programme and enjoyed the sessions more. There was a bigger support network; clients got to know each other, supported each other and worked harder. Heck, I even started seeing clients encouraging each other during the sessions! I didn’t even need to be there! Everyone still had their individualised programme, but two to four clients work out together with one trainer to supervise. Clients knew they weren’t going to be grinding it out alone. Their trainer and a couple of other clients working towards similar goals would be there too. The gym became less of a lonely affair and less of a chore. It started to become a more enjoyable part of the day for our clients!

So we got the training down. People were getting ok results. But my hit and miss approach to proving nutrition advice wasn’t cutting it. I’ve spend thousands on learning everything I can about proteins, fats, carbs. Problem is, most people didn’t eat proteins, fats and carbs. They ate food. People didn’t eat calories. They ate volume. So I was finding all this relatively in depth understanding of nutrition hard to apply to Jo Jones with 2.4 children and about 30 minutes of peace and quiet to herself per day.

Knowing versus doing

It also became clear that knowing what to do and actually doing it were totally different things. And the real game changer was the Precision Nutrition coaching certification. The team at PN get fantastic results with their clients. And I knew if there was someone who knew a thing about coaching it was John Berardi and the PN team.

The course and the books of recommended reading weren’t just about what to do. I’ve got a whole book case at home dedicated to nutrition texts, diets books and the like. Problem is most of my clients already knew plenty about what they should be eating. What was missing was how to apply nutrition in a way that sticks. So my reading turned toward books about change. How to encourage it, how to coach it and how to make it stick. Basically the PN course served as a primer on how to apply what I’d already learned in the years prior.

It led to me taking and interest in people. Not just the food they should be eating. I started tailoring advice to clients based on their mindset, readiness for change and circumstances. Their plans only included actions they were 100% confident they could take. No surprise that adherence to the plans went up. Measurements changed. Bodies got slimmer.

So 12in12 became the promise. Do this, and 12 weeks later you’ll be around 12lbs of fat lighter. If you need help doing it then work with one of our team. Confident you can go it alone? Follow the DIY plan. Either will work. It’s just knowing which will work best for you…