Wendy Lost 12lbs and Over 15 Inches!

“For 22 years I had been suffering from fatigue, dizziness, indigestion and unstoppable weight gain.

I was left feeling quite depressed at my inability to get on top of the symptoms. I was even considering going part-time at work in order to cope.

In the past I’d tried giving up coffee alcohol, sugar and dairy for months at a time to no avail. I had also exercised regularly with no change to my weight and no visible inches loss.

A friend at work gave me 4 free sessions with Kieran for the 12in12 programme, so I went along and felt that this would be a possible way forward for me.”

Wendy’s Programme

During our initial consultation Wendy revealed that she’d primarily focused on cutting things out from her diet. And while she did a great job of adding exercise into her routine, it had been primarily cardiovascular exercise like running, swimming and exercise classes with no real progression built in.

The lack of results indicated that these exercises weren’t quite right for what Wendy wanted to achieve. Wendy’s symptoms also suggested she wasn’t getting enough of certain nutrients, so perhaps needed to be adding in the missing elements, rather than cutting things out.

Also, like many of the clients that come to the Diligent Fitness Studio Wendy had a history of back pain (a prolapsed disk as a result of a car accident several years earlier), which meant we needed to be very specific about the exercises we used as not to provoke any back pain.

I explained that our approach would include 3 key factors:

  • A Progressive Exercise Programme – that Wendy could at home in under 30 minutes
  • Do-able nutrition habits – focusing on adding things in, one step at a time
  • Weekly Sessions – to help implement, stay motivated and adjust the plan

Wendy’s Results

“Initially I didn’t notice much change, but was at such a low ebb it was no wonder. But with Kieran’s encouragement and intelligent approach after a few months I began to notice I felt rested and needed to sleep less.

My body started to change shape and I started to lose weight for the first time ever! I could concentrate again and life felt more manageable. I had considered going part-time at work, but now feel I can work full time without feeling wrecked. My energy levels are normal and I feel there is hope for the future.

Even though I’ve completed the 12in12 programme I still adhere to the nutritional advice and do 5 workouts a week to keep myself fit. I don’t want to be the old Wendy ever again!! Thank you so much Kieran.”