What I learned from achieving one of my major goals, and how it can help you with yours (part 1)

You know what you want. And perhaps you even know what you need to do to get it. But for one reason or another it just never seems to happen. Whether you want to lose 2 stone or finally shed that last bit of belly fat, I want to guide you through how I used these 3 simple steps to achieving one of my major goals – opening up my own personal training studio – and how you can do the same turn your goal from a pipe dream into reality.

Use Your Imagination

I’ve realised that all things are created twice. First in the mind, then in the physical world.

Before I got into personal training I was bouncing from job to job with no real focus. I had no vision for what I wanted to achieve. After suffering from a severe lack of purpose I decided to make something of myself. And it just so happened that running a personal training studio captured my imagination.

From that day on I never looked back. I imagined myself as a fitness professional and never thought of myself as anything other than a trainer in the making. Even when I was still working as a barman at a local pub.

I studied, applied for jobs, built a loyal client base (thanks for helping with this!) and more recently set up the Diligent personal training studio.

But before I did any of this I had to have a picture of myself as the person I wanted to be. I had a clear image of what I wanted things to be like. I’ve even still got the original sketches Lyz did for what the DF Studio would look like:


So if you’re looking to achieve something that you’ve struggled with in the past I’d recommend you ignore for a moment how things are. Kick start the process by picturing EXACTLY how you want things to be.

What are you going to feel like when you’re done? What clothes are you going to be able to comfortably wear? What will you be able to do that you’re not confident enough to do now?

Take Away Point: Seeing yourself not as you are, but as you want to be is the first step to achieving your goal

If I didn’t take this simple step I’d never of thought I could make a decent personal training studio out of this:


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