This is a question I recently asked Kieran. I’ve done his Fat Loss Nutrition Course but taking a fish oil supplement was the very first lesson I learnt months ago now and I’d kind of forgotten why I was taking it every day.

He first explained that fish oils are a rich source of the omega 3 essential fatty acids EPA and DHA which are derived from the algae that fish eat – these are what make the fish oil so special. It’s these omega 3s that give multiple benefits for overall health; including reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes plus supplementing with fish oil can help improve mood and speed up fat loss. It’s the last of these that I was interested in; how exactly does it do that and what is about omega 3 that makes it such a wonder supplement?

fish oil & protein shake

Add fish oil to your super shake if you don't like the taste!

In a nutshell, taking a high dose of omega 3 rich fish oils is a quick and easy way to speed up your metabolism – the faster your metabolism the more calories your body uses up each day.

Kieran went on to explain that we don’t get enough of the omega 3 essential fatty acids found in fish oil from what we eat (even if you do have oily fish twice a week!) and omega 3 is essential to have a properly balanced body i.e. a body that is healthy, doesn’t store excess fat and burns calories efficiently. (By the way, these are called essential fatty acids because your body can’t make them so you need to get them from your diet.)

Choosing the right supplement and taking the correct dose

Kieran recently did a seminar at a local health food shop and whilst talking about taking fish oil supplements one of the attendees said; ‘I take a fish oil capsule every day so that’s me covered, right?’. Wrong! Kieran explained that if you’re taking the supplement with the aim of fat loss, then you need to be taking a high dose, something like 2 tablespoons of fish oil per day for the first four weeks. (This dosage does vary depending on how much body fat you have to lose so always check with a professional who can assess you and advise the correct dose for your goals.) Ideally take 1 tbsp in the morning with breakfast and one with your evening meal.

If you were to take this in capsule form, that’s around 15 capsules per day… imagine swallowing that lot! I take the liquid form and believe me it’s a lot easier. The liquid is flavoured with lemon oil and I think is actually quite pleasant… but not everyone does. A few people mentioned they’ve tried the liquid and they don’t like the taste/texture… one of my tricks is to add it to my breakfast smoothie; I don’t even notice it’s there.

Some also experience the fish oil repeating on them or have loose stools, I didn’t have either side effect but if you do, Kieran advises starting off with half the dose and gradually build up over the first week. The good news (for me anyway) was that after four weeks your fat loss will be well under way and your body will have topped up on its omega 3s so you can reduce your dose by half.

Which brand of fish oil supplement to buy?

Kieran recommends Carlson’s Very Finest Fish Oil as his first choice and Eskimo 3 Liquid Fish Oil as his second – I take Healthspan Super Strength Omega 3 Liquid Fish Oil – the budget option and it’s worked great for me. Your local health food shop may stock the Eskimo 3 supplement but you can buy all of them online – you probably won’t find any of these in high street chemists or supermarkets.

In summary, for a quick and easy way to give your fat loss goals a head start, get one of the recommended fish oil supplements above and take it every day. How easy is that?!

Important… If you’re taking any blood thinners such as Warfarin, have a bleeding disorder like haemophilia or you’re about to undergo surgery you should consult your GP or consultant before taking any fish oil supplements.

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